Cycling in Amsterdam

This week I travelled to Amsterdam on business and given the fact this is one place where cycling is part of the cities DNA I decided to use the bike as my mode of transport (where possible) for the week.

amsterdam_cyclingfiets = bicycle, bike, pushbike, cycle

I did a little research into cycling in Amsterdam and what to expect, where to hire a bike and the general dos and don’t s! The main points I took from this is; Continue reading Cycling in Amsterdam

Trying out the track at Quibell Park Velodrome

The more that my lad has got out on his BMX bike for some longer rides, the more he wants to get on and try a racing bike.

After speaking with Stephen Cannings who runs the track sessions down at Quibell Park Velodrome for the Lincsquad Youth Academy, we decided to go down and let him have a go! Continue reading Trying out the track at Quibell Park Velodrome

Yorkshire Wolds 160 Mile Cycle Ride

I decided in the week it was time to do a ‘big ride’ and speaking with my old pal Alwyn Jones we picked the ‘Big G’  sportive route to do on top of our cycle over there (Alwyn had done this route a couple of times already). Continue reading Yorkshire Wolds 160 Mile Cycle Ride

Is Strava changing the way we ride our bikes?

StravaIf you train with a GPS then you will no doubt be aware of Strava and the way it has quite simply changing the way we cycle.

sträva is a Swedish word meaning to “strive for” or “aspire to”

The simplicity of being able to upload/record your rides and then compare against your friends and other riders on a particular segment or climb is amazing. For some the lure of achieving a KOM has become an addiction. For the uninitiated, KOM is short for “king of the mountain.” It’s a term borrowed from the Tour de France and it means you have the top time on one of Strava’s millions of segments; those lactic leg burner hills or pure out and out sprints that Strava users have created. Continue reading Is Strava changing the way we ride our bikes?

Paul Kirk Sportive 100m on two bikes!

I had been looking forward to having another crack at the Paul Kirk 100 as I hadn’t done it for a couple of years. Matt Porter has really taken the event forward since we originally conceived the route back in 2009. This year saw the event located from Brigg Town Football Club and was a lot better for parking and easily catered for the largest field to date of nearly 500 riders. Continue reading Paul Kirk Sportive 100m on two bikes!

Skegness in the Winter!!

I don’t think I have ever trained so hard over a Christmas period and this year seemed to be one icy morning after the next!!

Me and Derrick Kent decided to do a big one and meet at Lidl just after 7am. Derrick was riding in from Hibaldstow and being in winter we both needed lights for the first hour or so which made the ice look even worse!!!! Continue reading Skegness in the Winter!!

Rapha 500

The Rapha 500 Challenge (500km between the 24th & 31st December 2014) has been around since 2010 and this year seemed to have me obsessed with completing! The weather seemed intent on saying otherwise with what seemed like a continual procession of icy  mornings! This seemed to spur me on even more and I found myself studying the gritting routes, times and where roads would not remain under shelter! Talk about obsessed! Continue reading Rapha 500