BMX – G*Y*P*O Race Track

My son who is five years old loves to ride his BMX and after taking him to the recent Midlands BMX Champs at Balby Carr, Doncaster decided to see if there were any tracks local to us for him to go and have a go on! After speaking to a few people in the know, I heard about the popular public G*Y*P*O race track at New Waltham, Grimsby and decided to take the kids (and me) for a look.

G*Y*P*O BMX Race Track

G*Y*P*O BMX Race Track

After getting the over the initial nerves my lad was soon riding round having the time of his life, my daughter of eight rode round on her bike although it was not ideally suited and she was already pestering me for a BMX! Continue reading


An evening at Carron Valley MTB, Scotland


Carron Valley MTBI recently had the pleasure of taking the mountain bike for a run after work around Carron Valley near Stirling in Scotland and found the course a great little workout. In the end me and fellow work colleague did three laps of the main and only red route (approx 10km).

The route heads out into the trees (midge city) before soon climbing into the woods on a steady switchback incline, I was soon breathing heavy and feeling the legs warming up!

Carron Valley Trail Map MTBDropping into the trees, the fast make up of the trail is great for newcomers and racing my work colleague made for some great fun. The tough surface responds well to speedway-style slides while the straights let you bang up the gears like few forest centres can. Some sections are if I am honest a little narrow which means you have to be quite precise. Continue reading


Glasgow plays host to the National Road Race Championship

In a breakaway to the traditional the National Road Race Championship, 2013 sees the event staged in the heart of Glasgow city centre on a 14.2km course with a gruelling 8 laps for the ladies and 13 laps for the gents. Some of the streets such as St Vincent Street offer climbs reminiscent of the infamous San Francisco style roads.

British Cycling FederationThe National Road Race will take place on Sunday 23 June. The women’s race will start at 9.30am and finish at 1pm approximately and there with an anticipated 60 riders completing eight laps covering a total distance of 112km.

Continue reading


Why everyone should try an Audax

Lincsquad Reliability Ride 100In the last few years sportives have become one of the most if not the most fashionable and popular amateur cycling pastime, certainly if the cycling press is to be believed. I did my first proper sportive last year (Lincsquad’s Paul Kirk Memorial North Lincs CycloSportive) and loved it (well, apart from being ridden off the wheels of all the hard nuts and cycling into a head wind for 8 hours) but if you love long distance, endurance cycling there is a year round alternative, the audax.

Audax comes from the Latin word that is the root of ‘audacious’ and audax rides (especially the very long ones) do require a degree of audacity and determination. An audax is a long distance ride that incorporates some features of a sportive such as a time limit, but importantly it requires participants to be self sufficient. Organisers often lay on tea and buns and often for long rides a meal afterwards, but there are no feedstops, no route markers and no mechanical back up. You have to carry what you may need and be able to navigate via GPS or a good old fashioned OS map. Continue reading


Is Strava changing the way we ride our bikes?

See you on Strava!

If you train with a GPS then you will no doubt be aware of Strava and the way it has quite simply changing the way we cycle.

sträva is a Swedish word meaning to “strive for” or “aspire to”

The simplicity of being able to upload/record your rides and then compare against your friends and other riders on a particular segment or climb is amazing. For some the lure of achieving a KOM has become an addiction. For the uninitiated, KOM is short for “king of the mountain.” It’s a term borrowed from the Tour de France and it means you have the top time on one of Strava’s millions of segments; those lactic leg burner hills or pure out and out sprints that Strava users have created. Continue reading


Giant Control Mini Road Plus Cycling Mini Pump Review

Whilst at the local bike shop a mini pump that could inflate bike tyres up to 160 psi caught my attention!!

Having previously owned a Lezyne mini pump which would after some effort inflate up to 100 psi, the thought of inflating my road bike tyre up to over 100 psi should be easier with this Giant model, which claims to inflate up to 160 psi! Continue reading


My guide to cycling La Marmotte and Maratona Dles Dolomites

Alwyn JonesMy passion for cycling the most challenging and hilliest sportives I suspect comes from my roots living in the Conwy Valley in North Wales. Cycling up the steepest climbs we could find with our old Raleigh 5 speeds zigzagging our way up to the lakes above. Then suddenly the MTB was here and years of majestic riding and racing followed in the great forestry’s of North Wales.

Then suddenly I found myself in Lincolnshire, and my passion for MTB and cycling began to wane. Simply put; not enough mountains or even the modest hill! My friend however persuaded me to buy a road bike and suddenly my passion for cycling was reborn.

My first challenge was to cycle a 100 miles locally in the Lincolnshire Wolds which I enjoyed but was already hungry for the next challenge. Continue reading


Buxton Mountain TT the Hardest Time Trial in the UK

The ‘Buxton Mountain Time Trial (TT)’ organised by Buxton Cycling Club is an early season open TT over a very hilly circuit in the Peak District and is renowned as one of the toughest time trials in the UK. The course is based round a circuit starting and finishing in the village of Longnor and consists of 3 laps of 11 miles for the Men and Veterans and 2 laps for the Women and Juniors.

Buxton Mountain TT Course

The event traditionally takes place on Good Friday this year being the 29th March 2013. Continue reading